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Namaa InfoLogistics DTS allows users to logically index, preserve, retrieve, and manage at high speed.

Business documents is considered vital business information carrier and with the huge number of business transactions that occurred daily and recorded in different types of business documents like invoices or bills, Receipt, Pay in Slip, Cheques, debit or credit notes, legal papers…etc the risk of losing these key papers are increased in addition to the complexity of retrieving them when required.

Document Tracking System is the Organization way to accurately secure and manage all critical documents

Namaa InfoLogistics DTS Methodology

In Client Branch

  • All official papers should have a ready print random barcode
  • When the teller generates any transaction or PR officer generates any papers, he links the transaction with the barcode no.
  • Branch Operations manager collect all papers by end of day and put it in boxes with unique Barcode auto-generated from DTS system
  • Branch Operations manager link all documents barcodes with box barcode in DTS system

In Receiving Area

  • Receiving employees scan box barcode to confirm receiving boxes then send it to sorting employee
  • Sorting employee scan box barcode and then scan each document barcode inside the box


  • The system automatically mark received boxes
  • The system automatically mark received documents
  • The system automatically highlights missing boxes
  • The system automatically highlights missing documents
  • The system automatically sends a notification to each branch with missing documents to resend it


By the end of the day a detailed report generated showing the following:

  • of sent boxes
  • of received boxes
  • of sent documents
  • of received documents
  • of missing documents
  • Details of missing documents for each branch

Namaa InfoLogistics DTS Solution Return on Business:

  •  Deep control over critical documents and files movements’ process
  •  Reducing the availability of losing business documents
  •  All records are secured using data encryption, digital signatures, and certificates.
  •  Better tracking for the document lifecycle from creation to storage through regular retrievals and use and finally on to secure destruction
  •  Eliminating the risk of fraud transactions