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The business correspondences is the professional way of business communications

Managing internal & external business correspondence from sending/receiving till archiving will creates a paperless work environment, efficient communication between departments and reduce physical storage.

We are offering “Tarasol”, NVSsoft” Correspondence and Case Management System.

We are offering "Tarasol", NVSsoft" Correspondence and Case Management System. Tarasol is a web-based, multilingual, and highly scalable system for handling administrative correspondence and case management.

Tarasol Solution Main Functions :

  •  Correspondence Management : Total solution for managing incoming, outgoing and internal mail in any organization.
  •  Forms & Workflows : Advanced tools for authorizing and routing official message securely powered by digital signature.
  •  Case Management: Manage projects, case and tasks collaboratively and link in related correspondence message.
  •  Meeting management: Schedule and organize messages and manage meeting agendas and conference room.
  •  Reporting & Analytics: Customizable real-time analytics, dashboards and productivity report.

Tarasol Solution Return on Business:

  •  Providing the organization with well-structured workflow for the incoming and outgoing correspondence which save employees' time consumed in tracking them.
  •  Accurate auditing and easily retrieving for the business correspondence and attachments needed for compliance or legal requirements.
  •  Improve the clients' satisfaction and involvements through the fast, accurate and reliable responses to their inquiries.
  •  Increasing the engagement of customers & employees.
  •  Ensure high security level for all the incoming and outgoing correspondences.

Tarasol is the dynamic web-based correspondence management system that creates a paperless work environment, while organizing your administrative correspondence and managing your task, throughout the user-friendly customizable forms of correspondence and workflows that track your organizational structure.