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Capture software provides you with a solution to capture and store digital and paper-based information in a variety of formats by using scanners or by directly importing files That is quickly accessible for improved business productivity and service, automate the process of scanning paper documents or importing electronic documents, often for the purposes of feeding advanced document classification and data collection processes.

Go paperless in your organization over converting paper documents into valuable digital content

We offer Alaris capture software solutions:

Capture software Solution “Capture Pro Software

Alaris Capture Pro software quickly converts batches of paper into high-quality images - the foundation for accurate, streamlined data and decision making.

Web based capture “Info Input Solution”

Info Input Solution is a web-based and mobile capture application that is easy for workers who regularly scan across departments and enterprises to implement and use.

Advanced capture “Ephesoft Solution”

From mortgage applications to purchase orders to insurance claims and beyond, Ephesoft Transact makes quick work of processing so you can move faster.

We also offer NVSsoft capture software solutions:

NVSSoft is a UAE based developer of Enterprise Content Management Solutions with a focus on industries such as healthcare, banking, and financial services, telecommunications, governments, and the public sector.

NVSsoft capture software solutions:

ArcMate Capture Technical Specifications

ArcMate Capture is an enterprise-level, distributed document capturing solution fit for both high volume backlog conversion and on-going scanning of large volumes. With ArcMate Capture, documents and forms are scanned, enhanced, recognized, indexed, and then released to any ECM repository through readymade or customizable release scripts.

Practiscan Intelligent Scanning Solution 

- Fully integrated intelligent scanning solution

- Reduces costs and human error

- Ideal for points of sales and customer service

- Ideal for healthcare, telecommunication, banking, and the public sector