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Customer Satisfaction Is the Largest Competitive Advantage for Banks, the banking industry is a commoditized space. With everyone offering nearly the same products and services without much room to compete on price, the experience customers have with their banks is what gives one bank a competitive advantage over another.

Satisfaction is a subjective concept and therefore difficult to determine (2). However, some of the main factors and values of satisfaction are quality, time and making service experience as painless as possible.

Once getting approved on the car leasing request, the customer is expecting that the process is done and the car key is ready and should be delivered by the bank at once to drive away. In fact, multiple processes/actions are started when the bank’s customer gains approval such as fees payment, car licensing, insurance, and follow-up with the car dealer and more.

Auto Lease (Car Leasing Management System) is helping banks in handling and tracking the car leasing process specifically handling the car delivery, not only tracking, but we are offering the business process service to finalize all the required procedures in a very competitive time. We are offering a complete solution in terms of software, Manpower to handle the process, infrastructure, and hosting.       

With Auto Lease Solution, you can commit to delivering your customers their requested cars in a couple of days.

Namaa InfoLogistics Auto Lease Solution Methodology:

Auto Lease Functions:

  • Automate Car delivery process
  • Issuing automatic triggers on multiple and different actions
  • Keep process records and documentation
  • Get insights through Comprehensive Dashboards & KPIs

Car Leasing Business Process Services:

  • Provide highly skilled Personnel to handle and finalize the delivery process within 48 hours.
  • Provide the required infrastructure such as PCs, Scanners, printers…etc (optional)

Namaa InfoLogistics Auto Lease Solution Returns on Business:

  • Improve the customer experience
  • Achieve a Competitive advantage
  • Provide High efficiency
  • Control business functions (Track, secure and audit the process)
  • Helping the bank’s team to focus on building the business
  • Run Smooth operation
  • Save time and Money