Enterprise Content Management "ECM"

enterprise content management "ecm" namaa il will take over the ongoing support and management of your ecm setups, whatever your organization size or the scale of your investment and especially for smaller installation projects. hiring qualified ecm consultant will be costly to afford, namaa il will allocate the suitable resources that match you budget-needs and maintain business continuity (Read More)

Robotic Process Automation "RPA"

robotic process automation "RPA" facing a problem with the repetitive tasks, rule based and manual tasks that have to be finished daily, namaa-il provides and deploys multiple solutions based on different rpa platforms such as automation anywhere, kofax ...etc (Read More)

Autolease Automation

Namaa-IL Auto Lease (Car Leasing Management System) is helping banks handling and tracking car leasing process specifically handling the car delivery, not only tracking, but we are offering the business process service to finalize all the required procedures in a very competitive time (Read More)

Document Tracking System "DTS"

Namaa InfoLogistics DTS allows users to logically index, preserve, retrieve, and manage at high speed while tracking the required documents or files (Read More)

Fixed Asset Management "FAM"

Namaa-IL Fixed Assets Management makes it easy to efficiently track and accurately audit all physical assets data, including financial information, depreciation, and inventory (Read More)

Health Information Management "eHIM"

Namaa-IL eHIM allows users of patients information to easily recording and fast retrieving for the patient data once required which means safe life (Read More)

Correspondence Management "CM"

Namaa-IL CMS enables organizations to electronically manage different types of business correspondence starting from sending/receiving till archiving them (Read More)

Mail Room Automation

With Namaa-IL Mail Room Automation system the process of mailroom which starts from mail preparation and ends with mail distribution and storage will be automatically handled to improve your customer and employees' engagement and satisfaction (Read More)

Capture Solution

With Namaa-IL capture solution your organization will effortlessly digitizing different forms of physical documents to valid information (Read More)