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Namaa InfoLogistics is your digital transformation partner


To be the most preferred IT & BPO partner in MEA.

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Delivering the most comprehensive high-quality services to our clients.

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Our main values are Quality , Respect for people , Technology Innovation & Trust.

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Namaa-IL is your partner when deciding to reshape your Business Model

The digital business age enforce decision makers to reshape their business model and move to digital transformation solutions as the business game rules are changed now so if you are not ready for the new rules definitely your will miss the opportunity to professionally developing your business

When comparing between the traditional and modern business school models we will find that:

  • The old business model focused on only helping enterprises to process repetitive operational tasks within stable environments
  • Oppositely the New business model is agile, move with great speed, evolving customer needs, adapt to market and deliver innovative products and services anytime, anywhere

Owing a challenging vision, Build a clear plan, Set up SMART Objectives and professionally translating your plan to Real Actions is the efficient way to move your business faster towards Digital Transformation. Vision + Plan + Action are the main pillars of the DX strategy.

To own challenging "Vision" the following questions have to be answered:

  • Why to transform?
  • What to transform?
  • How to transform?

Namaa-IL is your know-how consultant that will combine you to shape the business DX challenging Vision to successfully reshape the business

When talking about why to transform, here is the benefits the business will gain from investing in digital transformation

  • DX will Enhance Customer Satisfaction
  • DX will Remain your business Competitive
  • DX will Improve Decision Making/taking process
  • DX will Guarantee Data Secured
  • DX will Increase Efficiency

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We Namaa InfoLogistics is your organization IT advisor to professionally win the market competitive edge

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Namaa InfoLogistics presents Up-to-Date IT solutions that matches every business sector custom needs

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