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Reset Expectations for Document Scanning

When it comes to intelligent capture, ibml understands the importance of getting things right the first time.

Combining hardware, software and services, our solutions are optimized to reduce document preparation, eliminate the need for standalone processes, and provide the highest quality images and data -- all of which reduces costly downstream exceptions. This puts critical information into the hands of the people who need it -- faster.

Scanners proven to lower costs and accelerate access to information.

What makes ibml scanners different?

  •   IBML superior technology automatically separates documents after scanning and reduces upfront document preparation. Our patented camera technology, and image enhancement capabilities provide the best images possible, improving ICR read rates.
  •   The ImageTrac scanner is enabled with the suite of DocNetics recognition products that provide the flexibility to index documents by reading barcodes, OCR reads, document types and logos from in-line images. ImageTrac scanners accompanied with DocNetics can drive significant operational benefits to document capture operations.

ibml Capture Suite - The Right Solution for Today’s Capture Challenges

  •   Seamless multi-channel ingestion of any paper or electronic document.
  •   Recognition, extraction and data analysis at the earliest point of ingestion.
  •   Purify data within the capture environment by inspecting, repairing and entering information providing data and images that are exception free.
  •   Connect by passing images, data, transactions and batches seamlessly to line of business applications that are ready for processing.
  •   Best-in-class management, security, control, compliance, notifications and total process reporting.
  •   Centralize management and control of all your scanners.