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Digitalization of Food & Beverages Business Sector

As a result of being one of the most dynamic industry in the business world, efficiently managing the business resources and professionally facing the market needs and fast growing in the food & beverages industry considered high risk the threaten the productivity and continuity of the business.

We at Namaa InfoLogistics have combination of solutions and provides IT services that help in keeping the F&B organizations competitive and aligned with the market innovations

We are Food & Beverages industry digital transformation helpmate experts

Namaa InfoLogistics Recommendations to maximize Food and Beverages sector gains from DX investments….

  •   Fixed Asset Management "FAM".
  •   Mail Room Automation "MRA".
  •   Enterprise Content Management "ECM".
  •   Correspondence Management "CM".
  •   Robotic Process Automation "RPA".
  •   Asset Tagging.
  •   Records Management "RM".