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Customizing your Software to accurately Fits your Specific Business Requirement

In the digital transformation era the number of organizations who need for customized software solutions that match its working process and strategies increased dramatically as systems becomes vitals for all sizes of organizations in all fields.

Namaa-IL retains the latest technology, creativity, flexibility plus up-to-date and professional team who enables us to be your digital transformation partner and best choice when deciding to outsource system development to apply the organizations vision and to gain the maximum output from digitalization.

Employees are the company’s greatest assets and are critical to the success of business, while recruiting and training employees is not an easy and cheap process. As such, companies would want to ensure that they are efficiently hiring the right people with good salaries. Namaa-IL’s staffing outsourcing services ensure this by having the means and resources required to locate top resources for different IT positions (including project managers, analysts, solution architects, DB administrators, developers, testers, data entry operators, scanning operators, Quality Assurance….etc.).

Namaa InfoLogistics Enterprise Application Development Approach:

  •   Requirement Gathering.
  •   Writing Functional Specifications.
  •   Creating Architecture and design document.
  •   Implementation and Coding.
  •   Testing and Quality Assurance.
  •   Software Release.
  •   Documentation.
  •   Support and New Features.

Namaa-InfoLogistics System Development Models:

  •   Software Development.
  •   Software Re-engineering.
  •   Legacy Application Modernization.