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Digitalization of Energy and Utilities Sector

There no doubt that the energy and utilities industry is the largest in the world beside that it is the most critical and vital one, digitalization and process automation touches every single sector in that industry. We at Namaa InfoLogistics provide solutions and services that professionally fit the special requirement of the industry and leads to increase investments and productivity and improve operational efficiency.

We are Energy & utilities industry digital transformation helpmate experts

Namaa InfoLogistics Recommendations to maximize Energy and Utilities sector gains from DX investments….

  •   Document Tracking System "DTS".
  •   Fixed Asset Management "FAM".
  •   Mail Room Automation "MRA".
  •   Enterprise Content Management "ECM".
  •   Records Management "RM".
  •   Asset Tagging.
  •   Consultation.
  •   Robotic Process Automation "RPA".