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Strong Control of your Patient Info. mean speedy and accurate medical intervention

One of the most important factors that differentiates hospitals is how they can access patients’ information. We can say that accessing patient’s information in a quickly and professional way means saving patient life.

Health Information Management "eHIM" Solution

We at Namaa-Il providing Medlogic is an electronic health information management (eHIM) system designed to provide fast and easy access to data. Medical staff can easily search for a patient, then navigate through the patient’s record and quickly go to any medical document they want.

eHIM Main Features:

  •   Providing the ability to achieve a single unified patient chart across multiple healthcare providers.
  •   Supporting the DICOM standard for unstructured images which can enable image-based analytics on a macro level.
  •   Using the XML standard to integrate and interlink its subsystems as well as third party systems in a multilayered environment.
  •   Linking with medical equipment and third party medical systems through the HL7 standard protocol.
  •   Supporting ICD-10 coding for medical diagnostics and procedures, manually and automatically.
  •   Supporting the JCI standard requirements when it comes to medical records.
  •   Providing native iOS and Android applications.

eHIM Solutions “Medlogic” Returns on Business:

  •   Complete shift towards electronic health records.
  •   Ready-to-use medical forms with the ability to design new forms.
  •   Facilitate and automate health information processes.
  •   Solve medical records challenges like classification, chart loss, and late deliveries.
  •   Increase efficiency, productivity, and performance on many levels.