Business Process Outsourcing "BPO"

We at Namaa-IL believes that outsourcing in not limited to transferring some positions to be carried out from our side but we are your partner who keen on improving the business core competency, meeting the business objectives and be aligned with the strategic planning. (Read More)

Software Development

Namaa-IL retains the latest technology, creativity, flexibility plus up-to-date and professional team who enables us to be your digital transformation partner and best choice when deciding to outsource system development to apply the organizations vision and to gain the maximum output from digitization. (Read More)

Knowledge Transfer Center

From our awareness, and deep practical understanding of the digital transformations methodologies, we Namaa-IL team work are able to transfer and exchange knowledge with organizations or individuals who are interested in IT software and up-to-date technologies.  (Read More)


We Namaa InfoLogistics consulting team is your organization IT advisor to win the competitive edge of being always aware about the up-to-date IT solutions, technologies and devices. (Read More)