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Focus on your organization complicated and decision making tasks and leave daily repetitive task for the Robotics 

Namaa-IL provides and deploys multiple solutions based on different RPA platforms such as Automation Anywhere, Kofax …etc 

It is worth mentioning that Namaa-IL’s team is one of the first players in RPA market. So We are here to help in deploying RPA in all processes to fix-routine, solve time consuming problem, improve compliance, allowing employees to spend their times performing more valuable tasks.

At all the organizations there are a huge routine, repetitive, rule based and manual tasks such as data entry that consumes daily a lot of time from employees and increases the availability of errors, the RPA is the application of technology which enables computer software configuration to partially or fully automate these human activities to help employees focus on more complicated tasks that need more thinking & making decisions

Our RPA Solution Implementation Approach :

  •   Current Process assessment.
  •   Identify RPA opportunities.
  •   Design process & RPA integration roadmap.
  •   Design and build process.
  •   Monitor the solution.

RPA Solution Return on Business:

  •   Reduction in the organization’s expenditure which goes to the repetitive tasks.
  •   Finishing tasks faster & accurate with high quality outcomes.
  •   Reducing human errors.
  •   Increasing the engagement of customers & employees.
  •   Ensure meeting regulatory compliance.
  •   Fast flexibility and adaptability to any changes in the operation process.