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The mailroom is the business internal and external connection channel

Whatever your business nature or size there is no doubt that receiving that volume of physical or electronic mails on daily manner is a fact that any organization have to effectively deal with.

Mail Room Automation "MRA" Solution

The mailroom at any organization plays a main role in the core business operation as they are the connection channel between the organization internal and external users and for sure manually mail rooming creates troubles to the business one of the most risky is the delay in distributing mail to the right destination which lead to fail in delivering information on time which mean lose opportunities.

Mail Room Automation Solution Implementation Approach:

  •   Collecting: Gathering physical and electronic mails from different sources.
  •   Scanning: Start to scan the physical mails.
  •   Classifying: The mails will be automatically classified according to predefined fields.
  •   Data Extraction: Extracting predefined important fields from the mails.
  •   Data Validation: Comparing the mail data with the database.
  •   Mails Directing: Start sending the mails to the right direction "Receiver" that matches the predefined field.
  •   Mail Reply: Automatically replying to senders once the received mail are typical to the template or manual reply for specific mails.

Mail Room automation Solution Return on Business:

  •   Saving Time and effort of manually distributing mails.
  •   Eliminating the human error.
  •   Delivering the right information on the right time to the right person.
  •   Maintaining your customer satisfaction.
  •   Fast-moving for the business operations process.

With Mail Room Automation system the process of mailroom which starts from mail preparation and ends with mail distribution and storage will be electronically handled to improve your customer and employees’ engagement and satisfaction.