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Reducing the Compliance, Cyber security and reputational risks are the big challenge for the Banking, Financial and Insurance sector, we at Namaa-IL provides BFSI industry with a set of innovative solutions and services to improve the core business operations and reduce the glitches and errors of the manual processing.  (Read More)


We at Namaa InfoLogistics are providing hospitals with a complete offering including going paperless through converting all physical documents and patients’ files into digital information cover all specialties and ancillaries, powered by pre-configured identifiers and terminology. (Read More)


We at Namaa InfoLogistics provides smart enterprise and mobile application development service that are customized to match our clients requirements & goals using up-to-date technology that can deployed in different platforms. (Read More)

Energy & Utilities

There no doubt that the energy and utilities industry is the largest in the world beside that it is the most critical and vital one, digitalization and process automation touches every single sector in that industry.  (Read More)

Food & Beverages

As a result of being one of the most dynamic industry in the business world, efficiently managing the business resources and professionally facing the market needs and fast growing in the food & beverages industry considered high risk the threaten the productivity and continuity of the business. (Read More)


The nature of the Education sector is special and more sensitive than other business sectors, education is the direct factor of innovations, improvement and development of not only organizations but also for countries and the whole world through investing in human minds. (Read More)