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Business Assets = Business Stability 

Assets is the entities’ economic resources that is expected to provide future economic benefits Fixed Assets Management makes it easy to audit all physical assets data, including financial information, depreciation, and inventor.

Fixed Asset Management "FAM" Solution

Fixed assets is vital to run any business and in the same time managing all the business fixed assets through the assets lifecycle from assets purchasing till disposable it represents a headache to the top management, tracking the assets location, conditions, maintenance and depreciation calculations for financial purposes which is the main object for business shareholders is a big challenge for organizations.

Our FAM Solution Implementation Approach:

  •   Gap Analysis.
  •   Assets Classification Structure.
  •   Assets registrations.
  •   Tagging assets.
  •   Knowledge transfer.
  •   Support.

FAM Solution Return on Business:

  •   Reduces loses & rigging.
  •   Have full physical management on the assets.
  •   Have full financial management on the assets.
  •   Manage the assets through its life-cycle.
  •   Access the system anytime & everywhere through our mobile & handheld application.
  •   Eliminate data duplication.
  •   Make fully integration with the GL & ERP systems.
  •   Allowing top management have an overview on their assets through Reports, Dashboards and statistics.
  •   Increase the control on the business fixed assets.