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Digitalization of Education Business Sector

The nature of the Education sector is special and more sensitive than other business sectors, education is the direct factor of innovations, improvement and development of not only organizations but also for countries and the whole world through investing in human minds.

From our deep understanding of the nature of education sector we at Namaa InfoLogistics can apply our solutions and professional services in a way the lead to get the maximum advantage of the educational process beginning with from professionally reaching the planned goals for the organization itself and not ends to the maximum education output the student gain from investing in automating the educational process

We are Education industry digital transformation helpmate experts

Namaa InfoLogistics Recommendations to maximize Education sector gains from DX investments….

  •   Capture Solution.
  •   Fixed Asset Management "FAM".
  •   Enterprise Content Management "ECM".
  •   Robotic Process Automation "RPA".
  •   Enterprise Application Development.
  •   Mobile Application Development.
  •   Portals Development.
  •   Kodak Alrais Scanners.