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Build in Structure and control over the organization critical documents and content

Build in Structure and control over the organization critical documents and content

Our Enterprise Content Management "ECM" Solution

73% of organizations feel their contents have no value as they are unorganized, unmanageable and unsearchable so they are useless to the business All types of files need to be managed for access, security, revision, distribution, disposition, and eventual destruction. Corresponding to businesses drive for productivity, information Re-use, data integrity, information provenance, auditability, and regulatory compliance, these systems evolved to manage the is in the files, databases, and models, as well as the documents.

Our ECM solution Implementation Approach :

  •   Capture: In Capture ECM converts all the documents into the digital form which is also the part of document management system. All the documents are stored are in the electronic form which is much easy to maintain and manage.
  •   Manage: ECM management is divided further into five more components Document Management  Collaboration- Web content- Records Management-Work flow and BPM.
  •   Store: In store all the business documents are stored and can be categorized accordingly the departments but this component is much different from the preserve.
  •   Preserve: In preserve all the documents are stored for the long term, you can also said it as a backup plan for the business documents and business work flow.
  •   Deliver: The deliver components of ECM presents the information from the manage store & preserve, as in case of loss of data ECM will provides you the data of your business.

ECM Solution Return on Business:

  •   Controlling and managing the organization's unstructured information, wherever that information exists.
  •   Enabling the users to effectively keep and retrieve the Content in a manner that meets regulatory compliance and risk management guidelines.
  •   Streamline the business processes by eliminating the time, effort and money required for filing and managing the enormous number of business content.
  •   Reducing storage, as well as paper and mailing needs, optimize security, maintain integrity and minimize overhead.
  •   Identifying accurately duplicate and near-duplicate content which allowing the organization to keep a few copies of a particular piece of content instead of hundreds.

Namaa IL will take over the ongoing support and management of your ECM setups, whatever your organization size or the scale of your investment and especially for smaller installation projects. Hiring qualified ECM consultant will be costly to afford, Namaa IL will allocate the suitable resources that match you budget-needs and maintain business continuity.